The Alameda County Fire Chiefs Association has built this website as its primary communications tool.  It has been designed to function as the fire officer’s one-stop information center.  The website provides limited access to the public, but can be used extensively to communicate information that may be of value to the public, the press, and other allied public safety and partner agencies and services.

Each Section and working group of the Alameda County Fire Chiefs Association has their own area for communications.  Message board forums have been set up for sharing information and for soliciting answers to questions our members may have.  There is no sense re-inventing the wheel and we encourage our members to use this powerful tool.

The website incorporates a Master Calendar which shall be used by each Section and working group to post their meetings, events, training, and anything of interest to our members.

List servers have been set up for each Section and working group.  Additional list servers can be set up as needed.  The list servers and Members Management system incorporated into this website are intended to maintain our members contact information.  No more moving through the ranks of our Sections and having to manually re-create contact lists.

Voting and Polling have been included in this website.

Registering To The Website

In order to gain access to this site, you will first need to go to the staff login and attempt to access the site.

Once you select the link, you will go to the actual log in site.  You will need to select the Apply here! link.  This will take you to the registration form.  Please fill it out as completely as possible.  Doing so will provide your emergency and no-emergency contact information.

Once you submit the form, it will be routed to the webmaster, whom will provide the proper access to the website.  Security levels will be set based on the persons rank, or ICS function within the Alameda County Fire Chiefs Association.  Once the webmaster receives the form, it will be processed.  The requesting party will then receive an acknowledgement message indicating they now have access to the non-public areas of the web site.

Note: Due to security concerns, Fire Chiefs will have more access to the website than subordinate officers.  Unless a Fire Chief requests in writing via e-mail that they want to designate their Deputy, or alternate to have access to the Fire Chiefs Secure area, permissions and rights shall not be granted to individuals requesting access.